I Want to Play: 3 Master Fencers vs. 50 Novices

fencingWhat would happen if you were to pit 3 fencing masters against 50? You’d think the 50 would just immediately trample the masters. And you’d basically be right, if this was a fight to the death. Unfortunately it’s not.

The crowd, being a crowd, does not initially do what it should, which is rush the experts and take them out right away with little regard for individual survival. But pretty much every person fights for themselves. And instead of getting easier for the Musketeers near the end, it gets more difficult. The few remaining crowd members start working together more effectively.

I found it very interesting to see that these fencers attacked exactly the same way ninjas in the movies do, one at a time. I wonder if you’d get the same result with 50 Bolivian fencers who don’t have dreams that they are ninjas every night?

All I can say about this. Thank God for Japanese game shows. What would we do without them.

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