Mar 11 2014

I Want to Play: Another Real-Life Mario Kart

marioIf you weren’t aware or weren’t invited, I wasn’t invited, SXSW is going on right now in Austin, Texas. One activity I’m unhappy to be missing out on is the real-life Mario Kart sponsored by Penzoil and Nintendo. Apparently Penzoil has a new oil product made from natural gas, which sounds like a step backwards to me, but interesting nonetheless. And Nintendo is coming out with another Mario Kart because we just can’t get enough, I love spending afternoons screaming at the television as I get blue-shelled into oblivion.

Four players race (though it doesn’t feel particularly competitive; think of it more of a four-lap free ride) around the track and it takes about five minutes. GoPro camers are set up on each kart to capture the action and a large team of video production staff then edit the videos, enhancing them with “Mario Kart”-style effects and animation, then emailing them to participants.

You have to blow a 0.0 breathalyzer before you can play. So that means the road rage will be all the more real and none of it will be softened by the effects of alcohol. It also means that none of your friends can play so you have to team up with that other group who only brought three guys.

Hit the jump for a video.

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