Jul 24 2013

I Would Move: Abstract City Maps

map-1At some point or another we’ve all had the misfortune of having to navigate a city that was laid out by drunken monkeys following three-legged goats. Maybe you had to grow up in a place like that. If that’s the case I apologize to you for the failings of humanity.

Jazzberry Blue (their site makes noise so I’m not going to link to it because I hate that) created these abstract city maps and now has them for sale on their Etsy store. I feel bad for all of the people living in these cities because if the roads really are laid out anything like these posters would lead you to believe navigation would be a nightmare.

I remember trying to navigate in Houston. Major roads would change names every couple of miles. Roads would go for two blocks and stop, then pick up a couple blocks later and then stop. Some of the house numbers would count up for a mile or so then start counting back down or add another digit out of nowhere. I know why there are so many people there, they can’t find their way out.

Hit the jump for more examples.

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