I Would Ride Him to School: Giant Firebreathing Dragon Robot

Zollner-Elektronik---Larges_610x406The easiest Guinness World Records to set are the ones that didn’t already exist. Since you’re never going to bake the worlds biggest cookie or climb the most stairs in an hour you have to go out and find something that isn’t already in the book and do that. I’m guessing that’s what the folks at Germany’s Zollner Elektronik AG, an electronics company, did.

They created Tradinno, a 30 foot tall, 51 foot long fire-breathing dragon with a 40 foot wingspan. Tradinno was created for a German play called Drachenstich which I would absolutely go see. Any play that has an 11 ton robotic dragon is something I am interested in.

The dragon is a complex radio-controlled quadruped running on a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine with two hydraulic circuits, 272 hydraulic valves, 65 animated axles, and 238 sensors, according to Zollner. It has 984 feet of hydraulic lines, more than 4,200 feet of electric cables, and 360 feet of pneumatic lines.

Add to that nine modular control units, each with Texas Instruments digital signal processors and Fujitsu communication microcontrollers.

Hit the jump for a video.

If you know the difference between hydraulic and pneumatic then 50 points to Griffindor. I don’t care if you’re in Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff sucks.