Apr 24 2014

I’d Run Too: Convicted Robber Escapes from Prison to Get Away from Rap Music

robert-stevens_2888758bWhat’s the first thing you do when you’re put into a minimum security prison? I’m guessing the answer is “break out.” What other purpose would a minimum security prison serve? Well, convicted robber Robert Stevens took his chance to escape recently. After hearing his reasoning, I get it.

Jamie Porter, defending, said: “He was in a very noisy wing where rap music was being played day and night.

He had also become irritated with being “constantly pestered” to buy drugs from younger cellmates inside HMP Leyhill minimum security prison in Gloucestershire, the court was told.

If it meant just hopping a fence and taking a walk and I could be away from rap music I would happily do that. The problem is that people who listen to rap music think you need to listen too. So they crank it up, roll down the windows and follow you around. Where’s a vigilante super hero when you need one?

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