I’d Wear That: Color Changing Camouflage

colorphase_0725_patternsTell me if you’ve ever found yourself in either of these situations: Hiding from the authorities, hunting Bigfoot, or sitting int he back of class trying to avoid the teacher calling on you. In any of these cases you could benefit by being able to better blend into your surroundings.

That’s why you’re wearing camouflage clothing. And in every case except the school environment the good people at Cabela’s are happy to help you hide. For that reason they’ve recently come out with color changing camouflage. Depending on the temperature of your environment the clothing changes colors to help you blend in.

If you’re out hunting and it’s 87 degrees there’s a good chance your surroundings are green, so the camo becomes green. The colder the weather the browner the fabric becomes. It all seems exceedingly cool to me, if I could afford to purchase said clothing I most certainly would. Until then I’ll be sneaking on deer while wearing army surplus like I’ve been doing for the last 14 years.

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