Illuminating: Carbon Scrubbing Algae Lamp

algae-streetlight-537x359Everyone knows that these days the fashion in design is to make everything green. And if not just to save material or create less waste then even better if the new contraption actually helps to clean up the mess all your other toys create. Then we can all feel better and pretends it’s not us that’s destroying the world. It’s actually that one guy in the apartment who you can hear playing Halo at 2 in the morning.

Thanks to some people who care the earth still has hope to continue on to be a bright and happy place. One great example is this new green street lamp. Instead of running on electricity like every other street lamp in the world this one uses algae to power its light. That algae in turn consumes carbon dioxide waste that everything we know and love produces.

Created by French biochemist Pierre Calleja and his team at Fermentalg, the tube-shaped lamps are filled with algae, which can grow well inside the structure and use photosynthesis to emit a green glow. The lamps can also store the energy created during photosynthesis for later use, such as at night or in low-light settings. According to the developers, a single light could absorb about a ton of carbon from the air in one year—equal to the amount that can be removed by 150 to 200 trees.

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