I’m Alive: Would you Survive the Game of Thrones

smartIf you’ve been watching or reading the Game of Thrones series you know that the only way to assure that you’ll survive is to make sure you aren’t ever featured in the story anywhere. It’s best to hole up in your cave as far away from any other people as possible. And certainly don’t complain to George R. R. Martin that your farm was ransacked for your harvest of yellow turnips or he’ll kill you to avoid having to figure the gold to copper conversion it would take to pay you back.

The folks at Dorkly created a nice flowchart that you can apply to yourself to test your chances of surviving in Westeros. As you might have guessed the chances of making it out are about the same as a snowball’s chance in a cat scanner.

Would I immediately drop what ‘m doing and join up with an army of sellswords if I were given the chance? You betcha. Anyone that wouldn’t doesn’t have the healthy drive for adventure found in your average 5-year-old.

Hit the jump for the full chart.