I’m Impressed: Speakers Blowing Smoke Rings

forthosewhosee01Berlin-based artist Daniel Schulze created an installation of 49 Arduino controlled speakers which he uses to make visually impressive designs with fog. He calls his creation, “For Those Who See.” I assume to discriminate against those who don’t.

The creation gives you all you can hope for from smoke and a drum line. What’s better is how Schulze can make designs in the smoke. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a heart created in smoke and the sounds of gunshots.

This thing is pretty impressive. I like it enough I wouldn’t be opposed to building one myself. When I do the first thing I’m gonna do is fart on the speakers and call is “For Those Who Smell.” No one will come back for a second viewing.

Hit the jump for more shots and the video.

forthosewhosee04 forthosewhosee03 forthosewhosee02