Inspiring: Daring Hovercraft Rescue of Stranded Deer

deerIn both the most inspiring, the funniest, and the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen all day a father and son team used their personal hovercrafts and a rope to rescue some deer who had gotten themselves stranded on the ice on Minnesota‚Äôs Albert Lea Lake. They found the deer stranded while ice fishing and decided to be heroes and get them back the forest where they belong.

The video has now become an advertisement for the GoPro camera that the son wore to film the rescue. Which is nice because now it has inspiring music whereas before it would have just been a hilarious video of Bambi’s daughters sprawled out on the ice flailing like landed fish.

I hope this video should serve as illustration that 1) deer don’t have good traction so shouldn’t be trusted on the ice, 2) a deer will try and bite you if you tie a rope around it’s foot, and 3) if you do rescue an animal from the ice I’ll write about you and call you a hero.