Instant Classic: Pop Styled Classic Paintings

willie_van_groundskeeper_webHas anyone else noticed that putting members of the Simpson family into art that tries to make them fleshy and human always turns out gross? It’s the eyes. People eyes shouldn’t bulge like that.

Artist David Barton of Limpfish sees this but he’s not afraid to go there anyway. He has taken several classic paintings and threw in some pop-culture. Not always Simpsons.

I respect that he’s not afraid. I’m afraid. of pretty much everything. There is death and evil around every corner. I used to really enjoy that aspect of life. Now I think I’m getting tired of it. Maybe I need to move.

One thing you might not realize about death being around every corner is that living in a place with no corners doesn’t help. Roundabouts are just as evil as a 4-way stop where the streets meet at a strange angle.

Hit the jump for the rest of the set.

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