Mar 24 2014

It’s all Semantics: NASA Condom Sizing

rocketsThe more I learn about the early space program the more I realize that it was a strange and exciting place/time to be. One perfect example of this came from the liquid waste (urine) disposal systems in early space suits. In these early suits the astronauts wore condoms that would channel the urine away from them and into disposal bag.

The problem, as Magnum condoms well know, is that even though a good with was very important, none of the astronauts would choose anything but the largest condoms. At least for the first go-around. So the folks at NASA did what they do best. Brainstorm and come up with ideas to prevent potentially hilarious and horrible situations in space.

So what did they do? They took the condoms; small, medium, and large and renamed them; large, gigantic, and humongous. And I’m not sure but I’ll bet the wrote the names in ALL CAPS.

Hit the jump for an interesting video.

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