It’s Called a Turn Signal Idiot: Truck Pushes Car for Half a Mile After Crash

FreightCar_2896707aWe’ve all heard about how long it takes to stop vehicles like trains and semi-trucks when there is an accident, but what happens when the driver is a new kind of moron and doesn’t even realize he’s crashed. Apparently pushing a car down the road sideways for half a mile is what happens.

The accident happened when the empty freight truck suddenly veered and knocked into the side of a white car, forcing the car to swing round 90 degrees and stop in front of the truck.

The driver of the lorry claims he did not see the car turn in front of him and continued to drive down the road in Xinjiang province despite other drivers waving at him to stop.

Didn’t see the car huh? I’m thinking there is something else going on here. Maybe some drinking or drug use. I just don’t believe that you can push a car that far and not wonder if there’s problem. The screaming and the crash and the sudden difficulty in changing lanes should all be clues that there is a problem.

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