Feb 14 2014

It’s Nice but How’s it Look from Space: Middle Earth From Space

e6_UploadIn what I hope becomes a meme, or at least a regular appearance on Uncanny Flats, here’s some pretty shots of something from space. The difference here is that this land mass doesn’t exist anywhere in our universe. This is a space shot of Middle Earth.

I know, you’re confused and frightened, it’s OK. I’m going to explain how space images of mythical places were made. Unicorns did it.

It’s all part of The Middle Earth Digital Elevation Model Project which used the Outerra graphics engine to make detailed images with every tree, field and stream included. They’ve also made these beautiful renderings of how the world would look from space.

Hit the jump for more shots.

e7_Upload e5_Upload e4_Upload e3_Upload e2_Upload e1_Upload

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