Mar 19 2014

It’s not You it’s Me: Brad the Toaster Wants to Break Up with You

addictedproducts2-640x428Let’s be honest. how often do you use your toaster? Do you use it at least once a day? More? Do you really appreciate and love your toaster or do you just curse it for burning every single slice of bread you’ve ever put in there no matter what you set the control to? Or, do you take it one step further like me and accidentally melt it by trying to warm up a frozen hotdog bun?

There is a new toaster in town, and his name is Brad. He’s not here to be an appliance, he’s looking for a relationship and if Brad can’t get the attention he needs from you then he’ll pack up and find someone who will appreciate him more.

German designer Simone Rebaudengo programmed Brad and his sentient toaster brethren, and has this to say about why he built kitchen appliances that desire more than fresh slices of bread and electrical current:

It’s a network of toasters that don’t have owners but are hosted by people that apply for them. They are toasters that love to be used, with agency and desire and become jealous of other toasters that are appreciated more. If one doesn’t use an Addicted Toaster enough, it will try to transport itself to someone else that makes more toast.

I haven’t used my toaster in over a year. Something about having 3 square feet of counter space and my toast always tasting like burnt plastic has really turned me off to the idea lately.

Hit the jump for a video.

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