It’s Opinion Time: Toilet Paper Loading Direction

ku-bigpicLifehacker has just started another flame war over which is the top way the toilet paper should roll. Of course they are looking for, “polite, well-reasoned, and well-articulated arguments” but I’d like to feature the same question to my audience here. And I’ll accept any over-the-top answers you can come up with so let’s here your comments.

Turning off the spam filter on this one. But not really.

I don’t want to influence your opinion but there is only one correct answer. And we’re here to find out what that is. Use your influence and any inspiration you’ve gotten from above and convince us why the paper should roll from the top, or bottom. The victors of this challenge will be entitled to pride and a year’s supply of calendar.

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  1. All of you people who allow such important decisions as this be based upon your cats and children are simpletons. As a father and pet owner, the problem of wasted TP due to pets and kids is such a rare thing, that it will not, nay CAN NOT sway such an important choice. Besides, my kids (and cats) are smart enough to get the TP off the roll no matter how it’s hanging when they really want it. So that negates about half of your arguments…. OVER!

  1. […] see that toilet paper is meant to roll over the top. You may remember I discussed this previously here and no one cared […]

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