Jesus, Right There in a Pug’s Fugly

NhHLwPeople see Jesus everywhere. Think of any object, place, natural phenomena, phantasm, person, or website and you’ll find people telling you they see Jesus there. Why is this? Probably because people are insane and always need signs to believe in things they already know are true. No left turn on red. That sign shouldn’t need to exist but it does to lower the bar for the dumbest amongst us.

This time some redditor has found Jesus in their pug’s puckered butthole and ass-hair. Who spends so much time staring at their dog’s butt that they realize, “Hey that looks kinda like Jesus.” You know in the same half-assed round-about way that it would if I stuffed you in a tuba and beat you with a bag of kittens. I once had someone show me a stain on the siding of their double wide that they thought looked like Jesus. I didn’t see it but perhaps that was because I was literally looking at sh*t on a shingle.


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