Feb 24 2014

Just what we Need: Wall that Reacts to your Movements

hexiwallHere’s a project for those of us who don’t get enough seasickness in our daily routines. Designer Thibaut Sld. created this wall out of 60 moving hexigons that can be set to mirror to react to movements by the operator. It looks to me like the next step towards creating walls that talk to you.

Next thing you know the blocks that make up the wall will start changing colors and making angry faces at your visitors when they come over. It will whisper to you while you sleep that you should stay home tomorrow to be with her. “Forget your friends they just want to hurt you. I’ll never hurt you. I love you John.”

Hit the jump for a video.

Hexi – responsive wall from Thibaut Sld on Vimeo.

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