Kill it with Fire: Transparent Jumping Spiders


Want to know where this thing lives? It will ruin your day, sure you want me to tell you? Ok. They like to make their homes in on that part of a person’s back that they can’t reach to scratch themselves. Imagine that for me and enjoy the rest of your day.

Ok, so that’s not true. Thank God. These spiders live in Ecuador, and I’m pretty sure Ecuador is uninhabited so that’s okay.

‘’One thing that unites all jumping spiders is their four pairs of eyes, with one larger pair set a bit farther back from the others. What’s delightfully creepy about this particular arachnid, a member of the sub-family Amycinae, is that its mostly transparent body allows you to see the movements of its underlying visual anatomy.

I know I will be having nightmares about this for the rest of my life. At least until they go extinct and if there’s one thing humans are good at it’s killing other things.

Hit the jump for a video.