Kitchen Appliance of Loneliness: One Slice Toaster

plus-minus-zero-toaster-single-slice-3Here’s one for the loners with more dollars than sense. This is the $78 “Plus Minus Zero 1-Slice Toaster.” This is the perfect example of a product that shouldn’t exist. Let us count the reasons:

1. It costs $78. I think mine might have cost $12.
2. It only fits one slice of bread. Your average toaster can do that too. Most even tell you which slot to put it in.
3. It’s slim and trendy. That might be a pro for some people, but those people don’t deserve our respect.
4. This toaster will still burn your toast to a level not fit for human consumption.
5. If this is all the counter space you can afford to give to a toaster, there is a lot wrong in your life that a single-slice toaster is just going to exacerbate.

That being said. Go ahead and buy one. But know this. If you do, you’ll never be happy again. You will be the Forever Alone guy sitting at home eating toast one slice at a time.

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plus-minus-zero-toaster-single-slice-2 plus-minus-zero-toaster-single-slice-1