Jan 28 2014

Knight to Queen’s Bishop 6: How the Knight will Win your Next Chess Game

kingsknightchesssetnn600For any of you that play chess you know the frustration that comes from playing chess. I learned quickly to choose not to play against any one that I didn’t think I could beat. And then when they beat me anyhow I decided not to play at all. But now that I’ve seen this video I think I may be digging out the set once again.

The guy at Numberfile is explaining how a knight is a much more powerful piece than you ever thought before. If you’re like me you always just moved the knight off the back row to get him out of the way of other pieces you need to move. Every now and again you can use him as cannon fodder to get yourself out of check for one more move. But that’s only if the knight is already sitting that random 2X3 spaces away already.

I learned thought that the knight can hit every space on the board if you’d talented enough to move him correctly so that means he can basically kill anyone he wants. That’s the kind of piece I want on my team.

Hit the jump for the video.

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