Labor Intensive: People Made of Wire

park-5Brooklyn-based Korean artist Seung Mo Park created a group of sculptures that he’s calling Human. They have me super impressed. The sculptures are created from fiberglass forms wrapped with aluminum wire. It’s got to be like elevently billion miles of aluminum wire too because these are not small sculptures.

I can’t even begin to fathom how long these would have taken to make. I guess that’s the kind of time you have on your hands when you’re an artist. I gotta get me some of that professional artist work. Oh yeah, I’m not nearly patient enough to make something like this.

Sometimes I wonder how much money goes in to a piece of artwork like this. Aluminum wire is expensive. I would like to know the price of just the materials in this stuff. I also want to know if this wire cam like this or if Park has to strip it himself. What would have made what already looks horribly difficult into something 3 times worse.

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