LEGO Modular Castles: For LEGO Royalty on a Budget


Have you ever decided that you would go to the store and buy one of their new LEGO sets and then come home with doughnuts instead because those are way more affordable? Well it’s happened to me, and you can tell. The area on my body where I store fat, between my nose and my knees really wishes I spent more time playing with LEGOs and less time eating doughnuts.

Hopefully that is about to change. LEGOer (that’s my new word of the day) BrickonStark has come up with the idea of Modular Castles. It’s currently up for votes on CUUSOO. You know, the place where you can vote on new LEGO sets. What I find really great about this idea is that it’s simple. Castles that you can build and arrange in any fashion that suits you.

What’s even better is that because it’s module you’d be able to buy it in installments. My minifigs don’t need a guard tower, they live on an island. They also don’t need a stable, they ride manatees. Don’t need a gate, have a moat of fire. What we do need is a hovel. My royalty is out of money. All the serfs dies of the plague.

Hit the jump for more shots.

Thanks to Alex who thinks everything should be modular, not just furniture.


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