Lens Flare, the Satellite

NASA Is getting ready to launch their new satellite that will take pictures of the sun. They call it Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph or IRIS, I know clever huh? It’s not scheduled to launch until at least late May of this year but I can wait.

The IRIS satellite will improve our understanding of how heat and energy move through the deepest levels of the sun’s atmosphere, thereby increasing our ability to forecast space weather. On launch day, deployment of the Pegasus from Orbital’s L-1011 carrier aircraft will occur at a location over the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles northwest of Vandenberg off the central coast of California south of Big Sur.

I see this as a secret plot to get Micheal Bay some more crappy, lens-flare-ridden, washed out shots for his next movie. But at least the guys working on it get to wear cool shades and footy pajamas. That’s always nice.