Living Like a Hamster: Two Artists Live on a Wheel for 10 Days

hamster-1Have you ever been a part of a team? How about lived with someone? No? Hmm, you should probably see someone about your social problems. How about this, have you noticed anyone in your daily routine that you’re in sync with? I have, there is one guy at work who I always meet in the bathroom or in the break room. We seem to be on the same digestive schedule. It really is quite odd.

Well here’s a project for a couple of people who have the same kind of deal. Either that or they are just really good at working together and tolerating each others quirks and schedule oddities.

Artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley have constructed a giant wood hamster wheel with a 25-foot-diameter where the duo are currently living and working for 10 days until March 9 at the Boiler in Williamsburg, Brookyln. Why? Because …art!

For In Orbit, the rotating house is designed so that Shelley can live on the exterior of the wheel nearly 30 ft. off the floor, while Schweder lives on the inside due to a fear of heights. Through coordinated movements the pair can rotate the wheel to access beds, desks, chairs and even a kitchen-bathroom combo.

Hit the jump for a video.