Oct 29 2013

A Novel Approach to Economics: Living Wallet

2013102706I hope you aren’t one of those people who blame intimate objects for the failings of humanity. Things like spoons make people fat, guns kill people, tennis rackets cause diabetes, and wallets make you broke. If you truly are one of those people stop right now and kill yourself. We’ll wait.

For the rest of you here’s a fun new product. It’s a wallet that reminds you that you’re broke, through no fault of its own, but it is willing to help you save money. The Living Wallet can be set to Save Mode or Spend Mode depending on the amount of money you currently have.

In Save mode the wallet actively tries to evade your grasp to remind you not to spend money. If you do manage to catch it the wallet cries for help. If that still doesn’t stop you it will call your mom and tells on you. That’s low wallet, very low. In Send mode the wallet crawls toward you to remind you to go out and pump some money into the economy.

I solve my money problems by keeping my wallet in my pocket and never having any money to spend anyhow. If I had a living wallet I’d never be able to find it because it would constantly be running away.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

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