Living with Lag: Oculus Rift’s New Experiment


An unfortunate fact of life for many of us living in rural areas is that the Internet, and therefore life, is sometimes plagued with a lot of lag. For this reason I’ve never been big on playing online multiplayer games. Yes, a whole huge population of gamers has never known the ass stomping I deal out on a daily basis simply because the internet monopoly around here is so powerful the mob can’t even get a toehold.

On a related note, Oculus Rift experimentation goes forward. This time a group took their fancy headset and set it on slow. They introduced a lag between what the viewer’s actions and what they see. As expected the results are hilarious.

You would have never expected some things to be so ridiculously difficult, as it turns out, they totally are. Do you realize the coordination it takes to crack and egg? One slip up and you’ll splatter literally the entire kitchen like I did the other day.

Hit the jump for the video.