Lost in Translation: Comic Book Hieroglyphics

hero-glyphics-2Have you ever wondered if the children of the ancient Egyptians were allowed to enter their temples? I’m not archeologist but I can tell you that I sure haven’t. With this new discovery however, I can tell you that they shouldn’t have been allowed. The hieroglyphics painted all over the walls were simply too violent. Of course, if you’re parents were cool, they’d let you go anyway. And then stay up late and fight with your brothers.

These are Hero-glyphs created by artist Josh Ln. They are depictions of comic book heroes and other pop culture icons in the style of hieroglyphs. To the best of my knowledge no one has done this before so I applaud Josh for his work.

I’m not as up to date as I’d like to be with the latest ancient Egyptian history so maybe they do have superheroes painted on their temple walls. I was always under the impression that it was just boring stuff like bird-gods and war scenes.

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hero-glyphics-7 hero-glyphics-6 hero-glyphics-5 hero-glyphics-4 hero-glyphics-3 hero-glyphics-1