Makes for a Bad Day: Plane Hits Parachuter

planeA couple of days ago timelines synchronized and flight plans crossed in Polk County, Florida. 87-year-old pilot Shannon Trembley was doing takeoff and landing maneuvers and 49-year-old John Frost was falling from the sky trailing a pig piece of fabric when the wing of Trembley’s plane caught Frost’s parachute.

Luckily for us a there was a photographer nearby, and luckily for those involved there were no serious injuries. Although I’m hoping there was some sort of license revoking ceremony that happened at the hospital.

I wonder how they determine fault in these kinds of cases. I know when you hit a guy with your car your never going to prove it’s not your fault no matter how long the idiot had been standing in the street yelling at you to stop. Maybe it’s the same with airplanes.

Hit the jump for a video.