Making Music from Bad Plumbing

hqdefaultYou know when you’re using the bathroom at a friend’s house and your worst fear is that something should go wrong. You manage to flush the toilet without flooding the place but then you go to wash your hands and when you turn on the faucet it does that banshee scream and starts coughing and spitting water everywhere. And that’s when you climb out the window and just go home.

Some people see this as an opportunity. Take this member from the Polish Altra Volta Quartet for example. When the faucet starts making noise he sees it as an opportunity to replace that cellist that keeps photo-bombing every selfie he tries for.

The results are pretty great. As you can tell from the person filming because they can’t keep from giggling and waving the camera everywhere while you’re trying to enjoy a nice musical performance.

Hit the jump for the video.