Missed it Again: Cooper Hill Cheese Chase

cheese-rolling_2923448aThe annual Cooper Hill Cheese Chase just went down in Gloucestershire, England. Once again I didn’t get to go. And the whole world is worse off for me missing the party.

You’ll recall that last year the local police tried to put a stop to the competition by bullying the cheese maker out of donating the wheels of cheese to the competition. Luckily for humanity the competition went on anyway with a cheese stand in. Once more the world was given hours of vitally entertaining footage of people falling down.

The downhill race is one frought with danger, with broken legs, arms and pride a common occurence at this notorious local event.

For some, it’s the love of cheese that brings them to the steep green slopes near Brockworth.

As one winner declared: “I don’t even like cheese.”

Hit the jump for the video.