Moderately Useful: Multitool Belt Buckle

773532378277138602How do you keep your pants up? If you’re like me then the real question if how do you ever get your pants up? Keeping them up has never really been an issue. But I wear a belt anyhow, really makes those cut-offs look more professional.  I don’t, however, wear a belt with a fancy buckle. No one would ever see it hidden behind my gut so there’s really no point.

For those of you who do wear a belt buckle consider this. Besides holding the ends of your belt together what benefits does your belt buckle offer? The Kool Tool belt buckle for sale here for about $25 can do all sorts of things. This buckle includes:

Phillips Head Screwdriver
2 Flat Head Screwdrivers
Standard Nut Wrench
Metric Nut Wrench
Bottle Opener
Wire Strippers in 3 Sizes
2 Mini-Rulers, Metric and Standard

By my count that’s 17 tings this buckle can do that even my fanciest buckle cannot. I’ll bet my “Everything is Bigger in Texas” buckle would skip better when thrown into a pond though. So there’s that.

Hit the jump for more shots.

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