Dec 09 2013

More Dollars than Sense: Tins of French Air

1Here’s one for those poor people burdened by the constant horror of having more money than they could ever spend. You can now buy can’s of French Air. I can’t even begin to number the things that are wrong with this. Actually yeas I can

1. It’s French.

2. It’s air people, it’s not even pure oxygen it’s just a can of uncompressed nothing. It doesn’t even poof like when you open a new can of tennis balls.

3. It costs about $7.50 a piece, plus shipping.

4. The name, “Air de Montcuq” can be misinterpreted as “Wind of my ass.” Ok that’s kind of humorous. But it’s not even a canned fart, this won’t blue-dart any better than your normal smog.

5. No preservatives so it’s probably going to be bad or at least stale by the time it gets to you.

6. The guy canning the air has the gall to limit production to 10 liters a week so as to not tax the local supply. The last time an Air Supply was taxed was in 2010, did you know they were still around.  Before that it was when Space Balls came out.

Hit the jump for the reverse of the can.


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