More than a Little Creepy: Doubleparlour Sculptures

doubleparlour-1-thumb-620x419-83342Sometimes artists manage to find a niche for their art right at the bottom of the uncanny valley. You know that sinkhole in the bottom of the valley? That’s where the creatures that inspired the sculptures above live. They may have even crawled all the way out of the cave under the sinkhole.

Say hello to Cassandra and Ernie Velasco of Doubleparlour—and all of their little friends. The husband and wife duo is based in Lower Haight, San Francisco and started showing their work in 2007.

Whether it’s their eyes (or lack of them), their cringing—almost pained—facial expressions or little fang-like teeth, there is something very creepy about these kind of cute characters. Some of them blend elements of nature with their human form, while others are just marvelously surreal. Regardless, each one appears to be from another world that’s both dangerous and playful. The duo tells CH, “We like our figures to exhibit personalities that range from curious to mischievous.”

Curious to mischievous huh? How about pure evil? I’m thinking these are more along the lines of pure evil. Won’t want see one of these on the shelf at my house, and if you do, kill it with fire. You know it’s there to kill you or at least steal your soul and strangle your cat.

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dp-sugar-and-the-gang-thumb-307x409-83347 dp-Odettes-thumb-307x409-83355 dp-gastromancers-thumb-307x409-83345 dp-etsy-new-thumb-307x409-83353 dp-Decaee-thumb-307x409-83357 dp-bugbear-thumb-620x413-83349 Doubleparlour_ScottTolleson-new-thumb-307x409-83351