Moustache of Fury


During a hospital stay after a fall in his home and several subsequent infections Ken Perkins, 86, had his moustache shaved off. A moustache that he has worn for 70 years. A moustache that he started growing when we was 16. A moustache that he wore through through his service with the British Army where he reached that rank of Sargent Major. If you’re not seeing the problem here yet keep reading and keep in mind that he was staying in a hospital, not a prison, and not even the morgue section of the hospital.

After 12 weeks, Ken Perkin was finally discharged on Monday – but his son is still furious with his treatment at Kingston Hospital in London before he was moved to Tolworth.

And he said if the shaving had occurred outside of the hospital, the perpetrator could have faced a jail sentence.

Ian Perkin, who works for Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley as chief finance officer, said: “In policing terms, removing somebody’s moustache against their will is assault.

See the problem here, this could have been the magic moustache that was keeping the world spinning for all we knew and the nurses went and shaved it off. Maybe I’m just extra incensed because if I worked at growing a moustache for 70 I still wouldn’t have a moustache. I just don’t have the genes for nice facial hair.

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Although he was meant to be moved to Tolworth Hospital almost immediately, he spent five weeks in Kingston due to several infections acquired in hospital, Mr Perkin said.

It was there on April 3 that Ian visited his father to find his moustache – which he had worn since he was sergeant major in the Army almost 70 years ago – had been removed.

But after raising concerns with the ward matron, Mr Perkin claims his father was threatened by a nurse unhappy with the complaint.

Ian Perkin said: “He told me a nurse said, ‘You are lucky we are still caring for you after your son complained about us.

This just keeps getting worse and worse doesn’t it? Started off with a simple fall in his home. The Life Alert commercials would want you to believe that happens to every senior citizen every hour of every day that they aren’t under constant supervision. Then he goes to the hospital were he gets other infections, from the hospital. I hate hospitals. Then for the cherry on top they shave off his moustache.