My Dog Would Die: Guy Builds Automatic Fetching Machine

dogWhat do you do when you’re an engineer with a dog? Apparently you build an automatic fetching machine so your dog can play fetch by itself when you’re busy.

I would love one of these for my dogs, maybe if they could play fetch by themselves they wouldn’t have such a meltdown every time I walked in the door in the evenings. One of them shakes to bad with anticipation that she tips herself over. She’s kind of broken though so it’s more endearing than it is weird.

If I’d have had this machine with my last dog she would have had a different cause of death. She would have literally fetched herself to death. At least my current set of crazies will lie down for a minute if they get to hot and tired.

That being said, does anyone have the plans for this? I’d really like to build my own.

Hit the jump for a video.