My Dog Would Starve: Gaming System Gives Your Dog a Treat When They Win

CleverPet_Dog8How smart is your dog? Probably not as smart as you give him credit for. Not my dogs though, I never give them any credit for being smart. That way when they do something they are supposed to do I am pleasantly surprised. It’s really a good way to go through life. Go at every situation with low expectations so when the activity turns out to be only mediocre you are happy with the results.

CleverPet works with an app that allows you to set up the dog’s interactions with the device, customizing its gameplay. The console uses behavioral science algorithms that rewards your pooch when it successfully learns something. There are three pads that respond to your dog’s touch, and the algorithms adapt to your dog’s learning speed and you can keep up with how well it’s doing via an app. There’s even a microphone that lets you listen to your dog’s barks and a speaker that lets you tell your dog, “good boy,” when it successfully completes a challenge. Challenges include things like responding to verbal commands, understanding which pads are lit in which colors, and even a variety of Dance Dance Revolution where the dog has to press the colored pads in the correct order.

I like the idea of the DDR app, maybe they could do a Simon kind of thing too. That would show you how smart that pooch is. I didn’t know dogs could see different colors. I mean, I know they can pick up some differences but I didn’t think purple was one of those. My dogs won’t fetch anything but an orange ball. Throw a green ball and they’ll run out there, pick it up, spit it out and look at you like you’re the idiot. “What are you trying to pull here?” It’s a green ball, you buried all the orange ones. “But where’s the orange ball?”

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