Mystery Solved: The Curse of the Spinning Egyptian Statue

statueAs you’ll all well recall, a couple of months ago I wrote about an ancient Egyptian statue at the Manchester Museum that is inexplicably spinning around during the day. Back then it was a mystery as to why or how this little guy was turning around. I figured he was just tired of looking at other people all day so he turned to face the wall. But luckily for us, some people have the time and means to spend studying mysteries and ancient Egyptian curses like this. So now we have an answer to what’s happening.

As it turns out little Neb-Senu is susceptible to vibration. During the day the vibration in the museum picked up caused by traffic outside and people moving around inside. At night the vibrations died down and the statue stopped turning. The next day when people came back “Lil Neb” started his little dance once more.

The investigators claim that “Nebby” is more apt to be turned by vibrations because he has a convex base, so less of it is contacting the shelf he’s stilling on. Presumably  other statues would be turning if they too had rounded bases. Now the mystery is how to keep him held in place. I assume the museum is hiring a local design-contractor to developer an intricate system of ropes and pulleys along with a computer controlled laser level to help keep the statue straight. I think I’ll give them a call and suggest a square of double-sided tape.

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