Need for Speed Street Luge: Luger is Shooting for 300 mph

helmet-luge_2923080aAustralian street luger Daz Fellows is working on breaking the world record for speed on the street luge. the current record stand at 115.8 mph set by Englishman Jason Bradbury, Fellows plans to more than double that by going 300 mph on a jet=powered luge of his own creation.

“Well it’ll be hard to get there. It’s an incredible speed for something which is basically a skateboard. But with a lot of work I think we can get there safely,” Mr Fellows said.

The jet luge itself will be made from carbon fibre and will be powered by two small turbines, like those powering unmanned military drones, producing 91.6kg of thrust each, running on standard Jet A1 fuel.

Yep, that sounds pretty scary and dangerous. I hope he makes it. I also hope there’s a jump at the end of the track so we can see if that’s the speed I need to reach in order to make it into low-earth orbit. The run is planned to happen sometime between April and August of next year. Hopefully it’s televised live so we can all get in on the excitement.

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