Feb 18 2014

Never Sleep Soundly Again: Snore Activated Nudging Pillow

dnews-files-2014-02-snorepillow-670-jpgFor those of us who snore, we’re sorry we didn’t choose this life. To the rest of you who are unhappy about it, just deal with it, close your eyes and let the horrible rasping death-gasps soothe you to sleep.

For the people who feel really guilty about their snoring there’s this snore activated nudging pillow that will “nudge” you if your snoring gets too loud encouraging you to change positions to stop the snoring. Now every night will be full of fitful restless sleep and you’ll awake every morning more exhausted than when they laid down and praying for sweet death.

The pillow is brought to you by the people at Hammacher Schlemmer who we’ve featured before. So you know this torture device is going to cost a fortune ($149.95, yep).

Just remember fellow snorers, snoring is nothing to be ashamed of. I had to teach that to a roommate once, he used to whistle like the alarm clock when I would snore and wake me up. Until one night when I caught him and beat him with a shoe.

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  1. This was just what I was on looking for. I’ll come back to this blog for sure!

  2. whole of the UK but of course most of our work is in London .

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