New Japanese Compact Car?



I’ll admit it. The title of this post is somewhat misleading, but just a little. Let’s go on a journey together, just for a sec. You’re driving your car along, minding what is hopefully your own business. Out of nowhere (well, the side of the hill) a boulder the size of a house comes tumbling along like it is late for work and you are that dang light that is always red when you come to it. Troubling? Yeah. Need new pants? Hell yeah.

Earth sure does pick unfortunate times to pass kidney stones though. Wrong place, wrong time. Keep it together Earth, sheesh! If a beetle would have farted on that boulder mid tumble, we would have had a nicely compacted car. Favorite part of the video? The dude about to become the height of a micron simply flipping on his hazards, looking out the window, staring boldly at imminent death, and doing a laugh-cry/poop-the-pants while simultaneously forgetting to PUT THE CAR IN REVERSE.

Hit the jump to see what I mean.