New Ultimate Selfie: Danish Fighter Pilot Takes a Selfie While Firing a Missile

pilotThis is a nameless fighter pilot that the Danish Air Force is now using for advertisement. It’s working. I’m gonna go join. You think they’ll still let me fly if recreating this image is my goal for the first day?

The Danish fighter pilot manages to take a photograph of himself just as the missile is being released.

The missile can be seen over his shoulder with its flames burning brightly in the sky.

The photo is thought to have been released by the Royal Danish Air Force but the pilot has not, as yet, been identified.

It is not clear how the photo was taken, although a Go Pro camera may be responsible judging by the reflection in the helmet.

Somehow my selfies never turn out this good. They always just look like me taking a picture of myself while trying not to look like I’m taking a picture of myself.