New Years Resolution: Fit into One of These Starwars Swimsuits

b3_Upload1Today is New Year’s Eve. You know what that means, contemplating suicide your New Year’s resolutions. Like most people I’ve resolved every year since I was 12 to lose weight. So far I’ve only managed it twice. And once was due to a food poisoning on Christmas.

For those of you that need something to motivate you towards your goals of losing weight see the photo above, and those after the jump. Ladies if you lose weight you’re allowed to wear these sweet Star Wars swimsuits, and guys, when you drop 50 pounds girls wearing these bikinis will start approaching you on the street to relate to you the fan fiction they spent the last year writing.

If you’re not motivated now then nothing is going to help and you might as well just make like my buddy Cody and resolve not to make resolutions. I think he said he’s been going strong for 9 years now.

Hit the jump for more, plus bonus NES Controller Bikini.

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