News Flash: Travelling With Remains Is A Bad Idea

Two women were stopped when trying to board a plane when it was discovered that some pottery they had was full of skull fragments and teeth. Like so many before, they claimed it belonged to the person in the group that conveniently wasn’t there at the moment. Just like when my mom found my initials carved into our tree in the front yard. It wasn’t me!

Hit the jump to find out why this is going to ruin my summer travelling.


Apparently the TSA is pretty anal about remains coming on to a plane. I think we should just use their logic for diffusing a potential security risk. As long as it is in a plastic bag it is safe. Works for bottles of explosive liquids, why not for remains too?

Looks like I’ll be cancelling my trip with my “dog” to the middle of nowhere. I figured getting my “dog” I wrapped in a tarp and duct taped closed would be difficult to get checked in. What? He likes to be wrapped up like a baby! Maybe I should just get a bus ticket instead.