Newsworthy: Colorado River Reaches the Sea

riverIf you weren’t aware the Colorado river hasn’t reached the ocean in quite some time. Decades actually. But thanks to some political back and forth US recently released “a huge pulse of water” to cause the river to flow all the way to the sea once more. So last Thursday at high tide the river actually met the sea.

“We know that it has raised the water table, we know that it reached the prime restoration areas, we know that native vegetation has germinated in those areas,” says Karl Flessa of the University of Arizona, Tucson, one of the lead scientists monitoring the pulse flow. “We have learned a lot.

The symbolic value is great, as a reward for everybody’s efforts, and as a reminder that a river’s reaching the sea is a newsworthy event these days,” he says.

So this one day on high flow for the river is symbolic. Just to prove that it is still possible. I wouldn’t expect this to be a regular occurrence until the drought we’ve been in for a while ends and