Nice use of Scholarships: OSU Marching Band Does Hollywood

bandThe life of a marching band member has to be pretty depressing. Even your best performance will be missed by half the crowd because they would rather take a bathroom break or go out for some nachos than watch you dance around the field with a sousaphone. Then the other half the crowd is really just hoping one of you falls down so there can be a big pileup in the middle of the field that they can tweet about to their friends.

Well, this is for you band-geeks. Here you can see the OSU marching band taking on Hollywood and their trademark copyright infringement lawyers by recreating scenes and imagery from your favorite movies. Ok so maybe not your favorite, not everyone likes Batman and Robin as much as you, but these are at least notable.

They hit Superman, Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit, Harry Potter, something with dinosaurs maybe Jurassic Park, and they end with something pirate-y. I’m pretty impressed, I would have felt bad to have only heard this one from the urinal instead of seeing it live. But since I wasn’t to the game anyway I feel okay to just have watched this here.

Hit the jump for the video.

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