Ninja Turtles will Haunt Your Dreams

359_maxArtist Dave Raposa has a way about him, a way of making your favorite TV and comic book characters terrifying. He’s taken the Ninja Turtles and rendered them scary. I imagine this is what they look like to all the ninja-henchmen that they take out every day.

I wonder how many villains still use ninja-henchmen. I think when I start my life of professional villainy I’ll have at least a few. Yeah they’re useless, all fighting henchmen are, but at least they make a good show of the fight. To win the battles I’ll hire a team that can work together, I’ll call them the A-Team. They’ll be specially trained to all attack at once so that the good guys can’t beat them off one at a time.

Of course, the Turtles are nothing without Master Splinter. And the Turtles and Splinter are nothing without the evil villains they fight each episode. So Dave drew those up too.

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