No Longer Want to Visit: Saturn’s Hexagon Hurricane

ku-xlargeRecently NASA has released a “movie” they’ve made of the hurricane on Saturn’s North Pole. I use the term “movie” here because that’s what they called it, it’s really more of a slide show. The video consists of 128 images captured over 10 hours last December that display the rotation of the hurricane on Saturn.

Why should we care? You might ask, the short answer is that you probably shouldn’t. It’s not likely that this storm will make the current sucky weather in your area any better or any worse. What you might find interesting, and if you haven’t picked this out by now you need to pay more attention, the storm is a hexagon. For those of us who quit school before the 2nd grade you need to know that hurricanes are round, and hexagons have six sides. No, not like a stop sign.

The reason this storm has six sides is because it’s made up of seven storms. A central storm that has buddied up with six smaller storms that travel around its border. In total the storms are about 20,000 miles across. For reference that’s about 2 and a half times the width of the Earth. My guess is it’s not natural, just like Jupiter’s big storm, these are examples of alien races mining out the cores or our planets for materials and future forward bases for when they make their attacks on earth.

Hit the jump for the video.