No New Ideas: Marvel and DC Superhero Equivalents

deadpool-deathstrokeIf you haven’t noticed over the last 30 years of weekly trips to the comic book store, a lot of the superheroes from DC and Marvel comics are basically the same. Like a lot, a lot. I could go into reasons why but I won’t waste your time because I know you don’t care. And I really have no idea why.

The important part is how DeviantArtist Darren Rawlings noticed the similarities and pair up the matches into drawings together. The results are… super.

Now we’ve just got to wait for these movies to come out. That will probably take a couple of years yet. We’ll need to wait for the rest of the movie production companies to merge into one giant conglomeration and then we’ll get all the films we’ve been waiting on. The merge is coming, you can tell by how all the new movies are just remakes of old movies. Soon enough people will be fed up and they’ll demand a change. That’s how they’ll sneak the mergers without getting caught in antitrust lawsuits. Then they’ll make a movie about it called, “Smokescreen” I’m working on the screen play now to be ahead of the game.

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wasp-bumblebee ultron-brainiac swamp-thing-man-thing superman-gladiator-hyperion mr-fantastic-elongated-man-plastic-man moon-knight-dark-knight ghost-rider-atomic-skull green-arrow-hawkeye green-lantern-quasar hawkman-angel hulk-grundy martian-hunter-vision flash-quicksilver dr-polaris-magneto dr-fate-dr-strange darkseid-thanos clayface-sandman antman-atom black-lightning-electro aquaman-namor captain-america-commander-steel catwoman-black-catIf you can name them all in the comments you win a prize.