No Surprises Here: Drift Compatible Disney Companionships

dj-kida-milo-shepherds-crystalHow would the movie Pacific Rim have been different if the Jaeger pilots were Disney characters? The answers may not surprise you. For the most part exactly the couples you would expect to be drift compatible are. Jasmine and Aladdin, Ariel and Eric, Kida and Milo, etc.

The one difference is that it turns out that Hans and Anna from Frozen are drift compatible. Thankfully the artist gives an explanation.

“I paired Anna with Hans rather than Kristoff, because it creates a completely different kind of relationship between them. People don’t necessarily have to like someone to be drift compatible with them (See Stacker Pentecost and Chuck at the end) I imagine that because Hans wanted so desperately to be in the limelight, be a jaeger pilot, he learned to mimic other people’s fighting styles and chose Anna because she was a kind of young and naive jockey who was up and coming and had the newest jaeger all lined up for her and whoever would be her co-pilot. Her sister really distrusts him, and if I were to write anything longer, you bet your ripe bananas there would be drama.”

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